Growing up in a broken family was the beginning of my journey with art. Mixing tears with pigments, I paint the happiness I longed for. Seeing brokenness, I wonder what draws people together. What makes a group of people a family? The answer will be ever present in my paintings: Love is the most powerful thing. 

Each new smile I paint, each new family, each new portrait, paints more than what we see. Indeed, it frames the uniqueness of life experience, past and present, while hopeful for the future. When I paint, I give myself the answer we search for: People are all that matters.

A brief journey

Since my twenties I've been diving into visual arts. I worked as Graphic Designer for many years, but it was at a publishing company in Brazil that I fell in love with words. After I delivered my first child I decided to stay at home, to homeschool and to paint stories, through people and words.    

We moved to Canada and had two other kids. With a full house, the adventures continued. Homeschooling taught me many lessons. But severe rheumatoid arthritis stopped me from reaching to the stars. After 7 years on a health journey, now I feel free to fly. I could be in a bed, but I have kids to raise and a lovely husband to lift me up, literally, sometimes. I fought, and despite severe loss to wrist movement, thanks to God, I can still paint. 

I thought I had to leave my life behind for my family, but instead, I have found it here. What could be more inspiring than experience love? All the challenges of parenting. All the hard work to fix a broken soul and have the family I've never had. The more you give, the more you have; love is an amusing paradox, worth to be portrayed.